Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair in Apple Valley, MN

If you're like most people, the garbage disposal is one of those appliances that you don't think about until it breaks down. But when it does, it can sure make a mess! If you need to have your garbage disposal repaired or replaced, you’ll want someone with experience to tackle the job.

It’s essential to find a qualified technician who can do the job right the first time and not have to come back alter, wasting your time and money. There are a lot of “handyman” type services out there that claim they can fix anything, but when it comes to delicate machinery like garbage disposals, you really need someone with experience. Otherwise, you could end up making the problem worse.

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Why Should You Install a Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is a kitchen appliance you do not want to live without. Here are four reasons why you need a garbage disposal installation:

  • Garbage disposals make cleanup easier – There will be no more scrubbing pots and pans and transferring food to the garbage, dripping waste all over the floor in the process. With a garbage disposal, all you have to do is scrape your plates into the garbage disposal and turn it on. The garbage disposal will do all the work for you, grinding up food waste so it can be easily flushed down the drain.
  • Garbage disposals are better for the environment – Did you know that food waste is the leading cause of pollution in our waterways? When you grind up food waste with the garbage disposal, it prevents it from ending up in our lakes and rivers.
  • Garbage disposals save your town money – Believe it or not, a garbage disposal can actually save money. That’s because when you grind up food waste, you’re preventing it from going to the landfill. And, as we all know, landfills are expensive to maintain.
  • Garbage disposals make your kitchen smell better – Let’s face it, no one likes a smelly kitchen. When you have a garbage disposal, food waste is quickly and easily disposed of, which means your kitchen will smell fresher and cleaner.

Trust us, once you have a garbage disposal, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal starts making strange noises, don’t panic! It’s probably just a simple problem that you can fix yourself.

First, check to see if there’s anything caught in the blades. If so, carefully remove it and dispose of it properly. If the blades seem to be fine, then the problem may be with the motor. You can try resetting it by pressing the reset button on the bottom of the disposal. If that doesn’t work, then you may need to call a garbage disposal repair company to replace the motor.

If you need a licensed technician and professional help with your garbage disposal repair, contact Veteran Services, a company that treats you like family.

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Garbage Disposal Replacement

There are a few different ways that you can replace your garbage disposal. You can either purchase a new unit, have a professional install a new unit, or you can try to repair your current garbage disposal.

If you decide to purchase a new garbage disposal, you will need to choose the right model for your needs. There are many different models on the market, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase. You will also need to make sure that you have the proper installation tools and supplies.

It’s always best to have a professional install your new garbage disposal, as they will have the right tools, and the expertise, and it will save you time worrying about if you’re doing it correctly.

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